Order verification process

Thank you for ordering with us! To help protect our customers we review and authenticate every online purchase. As part of this protection, we will sometimes contact you for immediate action, in order to help verify your order.

In order to verify some additional billing information on your JUS by Julie purchase, we would ask you to provide a copy of the ID and Credit Card used when placing your most recent order. In the interim, your order would be placed on hold. We do not need to see your credit card # or private ID information. 


1. Only the last 4 digits, the expiration date, and your name on the credit card need to be visible.

2. A copy of the matching identification, such as a drivers license. We want you to cover your date of birth and ID number on your ID. You can use a piece of paper or tape to cover and protect your information. Please be advised that passports are not an accepted form of ID.

We recommend sending your information as a JPG or PDF email attachment. The easiest way is to send a photo with a smartphone replying to this email.
We thank you for your understanding, and look forward to you JUSing with us soon! 
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