How can I redeem my rewards points?


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    Rosa Astts

    Where in the checkout do you see the option to redeem the points?

    I am at the checkout page logged in under my account and I do not see the option to redeem my accumulated points.

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    I hope this is the correct place to post..but, i too am having bad problems collecting my earned points too. You are showing $0 points for my account after spending A)$187.00 on may 8th + +$99.00 on may 17th & $86.25 on june 1st= a total of $373.25 within 2 months. You state...we get 1 point for each dollar spent & 10 points= $1.00 real dollar to spend on your items, so...$373.25 with your point system = $37.20 owed to me as "real money" yet my dash board states $0... I need this corrected & I also need you to help with my june 1 order to which you were so full that I cant get even my simple order of just 14 juices unti june 16th? So now I must stop my cleanse that you inspired me to do for 16 more days because you do not have enough workers? Thats not fair & i was doing so well! I hate the thought to stop 16 days and start all over just for 14 juices. Can you please send me a returning customer my pif juices( plus your high price delivery cost) sooner & please correct my earned points to show that i do indeed have $37.20 free points to redeem. As soon as you do this, please let me pick items you have, or items that you have close to the redeemed price i am due so i may purchase what ever items you have close to this price, let me order with my well deserved earned money points & receive them in a much.more timely manner other than 16 days??? You are in great need to hire.more help to keep up with orders, or free delivery for long wait times. Please correct my $37.20 free points and post them to my dash board so i.may order( because no way will i wait 16 days to get 14 simple juices and break mt cleanse, and pay a high delivery cost for 16 days when all u need to do is A) cut down taking orders or new peoples orders, or B)hire more people to meet your demand. So please, a) send my order earler that 6/16 (from 5/5/31) so i do not have a gap if 16 days of breaking the cleanse you advised me as how to do & b) please correct my redeemed points from $375.25 or $37.20 money i may use to order my last order until i check out other faster, cheaper places that offer same items as u do. Please contact me at cgcontractor@aol com asap. I cant keep calling, posting, emailing, etc to u with no responce. Also, do you own or work with raw generation?...they appear to offer all same juices, lower prices and minus high shipping charges that u charge and promise a, 3 day max delivery date no matter how busy, their customers who have ordered in the past come 1st for delivery. I was jyst wondering is this your comp too???...24 cold pressed juices + smoothies + 6 protien smoothies for a total cleanse was only $71.00 and 2 day delivery was only $37.00. I was just wondering is this your comp also? I will give them a try because i will get my pkg this friday and not gave to wIt until the 16 to get the rest of my planned cleanse from you. Again, please correct my earned points asap so i mt order in the amount i earned, and please see if u can seen my 14 pre paid juices to me wzy before 16 days.and please hire more people so no one will have to break one of your cleanses such as i did. Please advise as to what you are doing to correct both problems i am locked.into. god bless

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    Dear fellow JUSer,

    In regards to the rewards points- Thank you for taking advantage of our rewards points system. As you may have read in our previous email, reward points will no longer be available for use past March 15th, as we transition over to a new and improved rewards program!

    We've encouraged our fellow JUSers to take advantage of their remaining rewards points, or we would be happy to issue those points in the form of a gift card which has monetary value.

    In regards to unavailable delivery dates- as noted on our website as well as automated reply, our blending facilities have been closed in observance of Jewish Holidays. Our system works according to a number of orders that can be processed for the day. Once we've reached that capacity, the calendar gets blacked out.

    I would be happy to accommodate you with a sooner delivery date such as Friday June 9th. Please submit an email to with your full name and order # so that I can help rectify the matters mentioned above.

    I look forward to your reply!

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