What order do I drink the JUSes in?

Each drink has a number 1-6 associated with the order of when you are supposed to drink each one. You may substitute JUSes of the same number according to your taste.

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  • My husband unpacked my order today and removed all the bands so juices are no longer bundled. I know they're numbered but is there a specific combination each day I need to follow? Or is any 1-6 combo ok??

  • Hi Allison,

    Each bundle represents one day. It does not matter which bundle you choose first. Each bundle will have 6 JUSes in it labeled with numbers 1-6. Each day you will start with JUS #1 and drink your way down to JUS #6.

    If you need further help or have any additional questions or comments, you may contact us anytime at help@jusbyjulie.com. We're so happy to help and we'll do whatever we can to give you an awesome experience.

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