What can I eat/drink during my cleanse?

We suggest drinking an unlimited amount of water, you may have 1-2 cups of coffee (with natural sweetener such as Truvia or Stevia if needed), green tea, a moderate amount of raw or steamed vegetables greens, as well as egg whites if needed. Sugar-free gum is permitted as well. 

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  • Can you drink coconut water on a cleanse?

  • Hi Grace,

    You can drink coconut water during your cleanse however we would suggest substituting the Spicy Lemonade JUS with the coconut water as opposed to having coconut water in addition to the JUSes.

  • What green vegetables do you recommend/can we eat on the 3 day cleanse?

  • What vegetables greens are we allowed to eat and what does a moderate amount mean as far as measurements?

  • What should you eat before you cleanse and how many days before you start the cleanse should you start eating differnetly

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