Do you accommodate allergy needs?

Due to qaulity and control purposes we have since changed our limitations of accomadating allergies. Therefore we have implemented a system called "build a cleanse" where you can build your very own cleanse with which ever JUSes work best for you.

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  • Hello, I was just looking at your "Build a Cleanse" for those who have allergies, but a lot of the juices you have listed to pick from have coconut, or coconut milk in them to which I am extremely allergic to (Island Coconut, Berry Blend, Choco-Nana, Matcha Chia & Citrus Tur-eamsicle) and, beets to which I am also allergic to (the beets of apples). Are there any other juices that customers can pick from that have allergies to coconut, coconut milk, beets & still buy a "build a cleanse?"

  • I wish I would have known this I purchased a groupon coupon and placed an order a few weeks back and 3 of the juices I received on the 3 day soup juice cleanse were Chia berry. I am allergic to Chia seeds so those 3 juices are in my freezer frozen. I purchased another groupon as the cleanse was great and attempted to phone Jus By Julie and I sent 2 emails with regards to whether or not I could swap out those 3 juices for one without chia seeds and I have not heard back from anyone. I would have purchased another cleanse had I known I wouldn't be able to swap out those 3 juices.

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