Will I receive all my JUSes at once?

If you are purchasing the 3-day cleanse, you will receive 18 bottles, total (6 JUSes per day). They will all arrive in one shipment. The same goes for the 5-day cleanse. (Please see JUS care for a 5 day cleanse).

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  • What method of shipping is used and what time of day will the Jus arrive? If I'm at work when it arrives (at my home) should I start the three day cleanse the NEXT day? Or start mid-afternoon when I get home from work and just eat lighter that morning?

  • Hey fellow JUSer,

    If your order arrives late in the day, we would suggest planning to start the next day. You may freeze the last days' worth of JUSes' and leave them out overnight to defrost the night before you plan on consuming them.

  • If I order a bunch of juices that aren't part of a bundle or cleanse, will they still come in one shipment?

  • Hi Danielle,

    Yes, all of your JUSes will still come in one shipment.

  • I have not received all my juices at once. I received juices 2 and 4 (5 of each) but nothing else. I ordered a 5-day cleanse. Do you know when I can expect to get the other juices (1, 3, 5, and 6)?

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