How should I go about my diet once I've finished my cleanse and when can I start JUSing again?

Congrats on completing your cleanse! Now, you’re ready to eat. We suggest easing into solid foods with healthy meals like steamed veggies, salads, whole grain and lean protein. You’ll want to continue to incorporate plenty of fruits and vegetables into your diet to maintain proper digestion and over-all bodily function. The JUS by Julie post cleanse meal plan is a useful guide for healthy eating tips and suggestions, after your cleanse is over. Now that you’re back on solids you can enjoy our JUSes between meals, to replace a meal or to beef up the nutritional-content of your meals. We don’t normally consume the amounts of fruits and vegetable you get through the cleanse, so it’s always best to keep incorporate JUSes into your diet to ensure you are receiving the proper nutrients and most of, all maintaining your hard work! 


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